Bulb HPS 600W Lucius – Economy

The most economical HPS bulbs on the market. With an output of 600W, a lifetime of 20,000 hours and a colour temperature that perfectly mimics the original sunlight, plants of all kinds can develop to their full potential both in growth and flowering. Get lush, productive, quality crops with hard, dense, resin-filled buds and fruits. Technical characteristics:

Electrical Power 600W
Technology HPS / High Pressure Sodium
Cycles Crop Mixed – Growth and Flowering
PPF/PAR +1000 µmol
Connection Socket E40 – Universal
Estimated Life 20.000 hours
Power Depreciation 5% from 8000 hours!
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They have a double layer of glass so that in the event of breakage the glass does not scatter and can be concentrated inside.

High Pressure Sodium

Luminescence produced thanks to sodium vapour, high lumen output for optimum results in terms of both production and quality.


Lucius 600W bulbs can last up to 10 000 hours (over 1 year) at full output without flickering out.

No Wear and Tear

They always perform to their full potential, barely 5% lumens are lost after more than 10,000 hours of continuous use.


The Lucius 600W bulb uses a universal E40 socket in most lighting equipment sold in Europe.

Optimum Flowering

You won’t get bigger and harder buds with any other HPS bulb on the market. Ideal number of lumens and colour temperature.


In addition to being manufactured in top quality, we adjust the benefits to the maximum in order to enter a competitive market.

100% Solar Light

Designed and created by agricultural scientists trying to replicate 100% of the original sunlight, plants will be grateful.

More Benefits

Improve your company’s economy by maximising profits. Start distributing our bulbs, you will earn more money than with other brands in the sector.

Satisfied Customers

Our HPS bulbs are of high quality and well received by all types of plants. Your customers will be happy with the results.

Distributor Service

All our products come with warranties that cover malfunctions or manufacturing errors. We are located in Spain and provide quick solutions.

Fast Shipping

We send you the bulbs in record time so that you can start distributing them in your shop. We always try to have stock in our centre in Valencia, Spain.


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