LED Lighting 400W – Lucius 4

New version of the Lucius LED for smaller crops. The 400W LED is a professional LED lighting system for indoor growing. The light emitted is suitable for both growth and flowering. The best harvests in size and quality, with less electricity consumption. The Lucius 4 LED luminaire is capable of covering the lighting needs of a plantation with a surface area of up to 1.2 m2.

Electrical Power 421W
Measures 110 cm x 69 cm x 5 cm
Hours of life + 50,000 hours
PPFD 1075 µmol/s
Cycles Mixed, growth and flowering
Efficiency 2.4 µmol/J
Light source Samsung LM301H & Osram diodes
Unit weight 7.5 kilograms
Dimeable Off – 25% – 50% – 75% – 100%.
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Uniform cultivation

The illumination is uniform throughout the luminaire so plants grow at the same rate no matter where they are in the crop.

Transportation and assembly

Folded and boxed, the Lucius 400W LEDS are easy to transport and ship to the customer’s home. Easy assembly in a few minutes.


The 421W LED luminaires are EU CE certified according to LVD, EMC and ROHS standards.

Mixed light

Both the color temperature and the spectrum of the light emitted are suitable for all phases of marijuana, growth and flowering.

More than 5 years of life

Lucius 4 Eco LEDS can operate for more than 50,000 hours, almost 6 years without fading for a minute or losing efficiency.

Adjustable power

The ballast included with the Lucius 400W LED has a power regulator that allows you to select the desired power.

Latest technology

The manufacturing materials are first class, with a robust and resistant assembly and using the best LEDS chips and lights in the cannabis industry.


Lucius LED luminaires are compatible with most automatic on/off control systems.

Low Power Consumption

With only 421W we will be able to achieve the same results as a 600W HPS so the electricity bill will decrease in monthly costs.

Lots of resin and cannabinoids

The buds grown with the 400W Lucius 4 LED have much more resin, so the levels of terpenes, THC and CBD will also increase.

Little heat emitted

The 400W Lucius LED emits almost no heat during operation. Ideal for hot climates or to save a few euros by eliminating air conditioning.

Huge harvests

Despite only needing 400W, the Lucius 4 Eco LED can produce the same or more harvest than using conventional sodium, and quality is assured.


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