Lucius 4G Wifi crop controller

Controllers for industrial cultivation of up to 2 greenhouses with 200 Lucius units in each. Touch screen with simple controls that allow control of lighting (intensity and hours), CO2 concentration in the air, relative humidity and ambient temperature. Designed to automate the most important climatic parameters in large-scale industrial crops.

  • Connected directly to the mains, no need for batteries.
  • Possibility of controlling 2 completely independent rooms (A&B)
  • Modo de lectura de la potencia en W o %.
  • Connection with Wifi 4G and APP for remote control.
  • Latest touch screen technology.
  • sunrise and sunset show
  • Control of temperature, CO2, lighting hours and humidity
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Touch screen

The latest technology includes an innovative LCD touch screen to control all the parameters of the crop with maximum comfort and ease. With a couple of taps we can modify the times, units of measurement, cycles and schedules of up to 2 completely independent crops.

Easy and convenient

Using the touch screen we can control all the climatic parameters of our crops such as lighting, CO2, temperature or humidity. All options represented with easily distinguishable icons and descriptions for simple, practical and quick use by all types of users.

Elegant and minimalist design

With a black color and small dimensions, the Lucius controller impresses at first glance. Forget the typical large white controller that takes up half the wall. The size of length does not exceed 20 cm, height 7 cm and width 2 cm making it portable to facilitate the change of installation.

Sunrise/Sunset function

Plug and unplug our grow lights gently to simulate nature’s own sunrise and sunset. It creates a natural environment for plants that favors their growth and flowering by avoiding light stress.

Remote control APP

The controller has a 4G Wifi connection and an APP so you can connect it to the Internet and operate the controls remotely using your mobile phone from anywhere. Maximum control, ease and comfort.

Up to 400 simultaneous ligths

Lucius Wifi 4G controllers allow the control of up to two different crops (A & B) with up to 200 devices each simultaneously. Designed to automate the climate control of industrial greenhouses in a centralised way.

Temperature Control

The Lucius grow controller allows the grower to automate temperature regulation. Possibility to connect sensors and temperature reading cameras. Unit of measurement available in Cº and Fº.

Humidity Control

We know the importance of maintaining good humidity for plants, so the Lucius Controller allows you to connect a humidity meter that will keep you informed at all times.

Auxiliary Box Connection (AUX)

The Lucius Controller allows you to connect an auxiliary box where you can plug in humidifiers, fans and other elements that will be activated automatically.

CO2 control

Thanks to the Lucius Automatic Grow Controller we will be able to measure and regulate the amount of CO2 contained in our interior. This feature is optional and a CO2 sensor must be purchased.


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